It's not what you give, it's how you live. Our philosophy and values are an integral part of the company.


It’s not what you give - it's how you live

Trinity Event Solutions is in a great place to reward venues and hotels with quality business that reflect the cultural values and investment into quality CSR strategies and investments. Trinity Event Solutions will match the CSR buying guidelines and cultural values for our clients by sharing in-depth venue information at the point of choosing and considering venues for your events.

CSR credentials and accreditations now take centre stage on the buying decisions on suitable venues for those major events that are used to deliver key messages on future direction, values and strategies of these companies. The need for this information to be easily accessible when making these decisions is now critical and Trinity delivers this through the collection and sharing all of this information via the Venue Profile on EDGE Venues when we offer our options for you event.

Trinity is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and it is an instinctive part of the company’s culture, and outlines our commitments to customers, suppliers, staff, the local community and the environment.

We also understand the importance of CSR to conference organisers and we have asked the conference venues and hotels to advise us of their CSR policy. This information is included in venue proposals to ensure that the venue a client selects matches their company’s requirements.

Trinity has won several awards including the HBAA's John Rees Community Award 2013, Peterborough Evening Telegraph's Contribution to the Community Award, Employer of the Year in 2013 for the Stamford and Rutland region, and the Promoting Excellence within the Industry Award at the Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA) forum in 2011. Our attitude towards CSR has played a major part in our awards success and achieving Investors in People Gold.

The strategy for 2023 is to achieve the Bcorp Accreditation which supports the World, and the impact we cause by the way we work. We are looking forward to integrating Bcorp values to our cultural values.

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