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Event Crisis Management Strategies

Event Profs know that surprises often lie in wait at events, ready to challenge even the most meticulously planned ones. Crises can strike anytime, from last-minute cancellations to unforeseen emergencies, putting event planners and venue managers to the test.

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The Psychology of Event Design and The Impact on Attendees

Behind every successful event, Event Professionals must have a deep understanding of attendee psychology—the drivers, desires, and dynamics that shape their experience and engagement.

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Small Boutique Hotels to Make Your Event Special

Hosting an event in a small boutique hotel offers a unique and intimate experience characterised by personalised service, exclusive use of space, and stylish settings. The smaller venues have a more intimate atmosphere allowing for closer connections among attendees, and the option for exclusive use ensures privacy.

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Our Favourite UK Spa Venues

We have created a list of our favourite spa hotels in the UK with innovative treatments and a chill vibe. Spa hotels are a perfect place to host a meeting or event.

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Social Media: Our Guide to Before, During , and After Your Event

Which social media channels can boost your event? Let's find out...

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Event Design and Production - Some Tips for a Successful Event

Emma Pridmore shares her tips for great event design and production to wow attendees.

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Healthy Food Event Experiences

With a move towards healthier food, how can event organisers ensure they satisfy all attendees?

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Tips for Greener Meetings

Mila Shough, Conference Exec shares her tips for greener meetings.

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WiFi. What to think about when planning your event

Don't let the WiFi ruin the flow of you event. Here are some key considerations when planning your next event.

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Venue concessions: negotiating what’s best for your event

A guide to negotiating venue concessions to save money and boost your event.

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Networking at events – skills refresher

We provide our top tips on how to successfully network to build lasting connections.

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Using gamification – education, fun or both?

Planners who have introduced gamification say that there are many advantages to using a game format that is designed specifically for the audience.

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